Fitlist is a fresh, exciting, new search engine for all types of Gym’s, Bootcamps, Fitness Clubs and Personal Trainers in the UK. We list thosuands of Gyms, Bootcamps, Fitness Clubs and Personal Trainers nationwide. features in all the major search engines and hosts more unique content than any other fitness listing website. Our aim is to ensure a consistently high quality and variety of listings and we list some of the best, and varied places to work out and get fit, in the UK whilst making sure we have choice and variety to suit all ages, abilities, interests and budgets.

How We Started…

Fitlist was launched by a group of friends who had tired of searching through each gym’s own website in order to look, and compare where they wanted to work out and improve their fitness. After thinking how much easier it would be to have the choice and variety in one central website, and then hearing about the constant difficulties other people encountered trying to do the same thing, we decided to put Fitlist together.

Our aim is to help you find the best and most appropriate place to work out, that suits you, and within the least amount of time. Fitlist offers a fully searchable database so that you can retrieve detailed descriptions of Gym’s, Bootcamps, Fitness Clubs and Personal Trainers that match your exact requirements.

We want to provide you with the best informed choice when selecting how you want to work out and get fit. We do this by giving our featured partners the opportunity to provide detailed information about their facilities and services, and also about their background in the health and fitness industry.