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Hyperloop begins construction in France. The test track in Toulouse will help US firm Hyperloop Transportation Technologies develop a Hyperloop system thatpromises to propel passengers through near-vacuum tubes. Jamie Olivers campaign to stop junk food ads aimed at children. Stars have shared pictures of themselves covering their eyes on social media as part of the […]

One of the initial steps in your fitness lifestyle is finding the right gym. Being a decent place for you to work out in and get in shape, your gym is practically the most crucial part of your fitness regime! Apart from affordability and distance, the following are a few factors that will help you […]

Can’t decide what to do at the gym? It’s common for people to have an urge to hit the gym so they can get in shape. However, the tricky part is actually knowing what to do at the gym in order to get the desired results. For your help, we’ve compiled the three most common […]

Want to lose that fat off of your body? Well, we just have one question for you then: have you made sure you’re matching your efforts at the gym with your diet? Doing so makes sure the hard work you put in while exercising isn’t laid to waste. Let’s take a look at some of […]