Technology news – Apple iPhone 5 v/s Samsung Galaxy SIII


According to the recent worldwide mobile tests conducted by worlds largest mobile council named Network Optimization Software Vendor Strangloop, concluding is, websites in Samsung’s flagship Galaxy SIII loads 9 percent faster than Apple’s new iPhone 5 that’s more famous mobile phone now a days more than a LTE wireless network.

The Apple’s new iPhone 5 runs on his or her own iOS 6 main system along with the Samsung Galaxy SIII runs on Android operating system. The report distributed by Strangloop were using the tests conducted on six different mobile devices in july and September 2012. This test was totally based on Samsung and Apple’s new launched products, items are used in this test were, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Tab, Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPhone 5 and iPad 2, this also record was keeping on such basis as page loading time over 200 e-commerce sites.

In the direct LTE competition between those Samsung and Apple, both mobile phones might be best in their unique features. But the thing is Samsung gets some momentum in page loading can be achieved with galaxy SIII.

In the designing issue, nobody can say surely which is better and that’s worst, however, if the time comes for giving performance Samsung goes in advance of Apple iPhones. The tests written by Strangloop could be definitely determined various tests around the various devices. And which is the key reason what Strangloop make an effort to building a direct comparison between LTE v/s 3G as well as the exact email address details are LTE performs 27 percent faster than 3G.

In the another test, Strangloop find that both Samsung Galaxy S and Apple iPhone 4 take atleast 11.5 seconds to opening a single site that is certainly more slower compared to the actual case with desktops. But again in terms of LTE, this really is faster than 3G networks that’s already fast.

These all tests are evident that Android os would certainly more faster than Apple’s iOS 6 and yes it runs with Samsung Galaxy SIII. Now concluding is, its safer to choose Samsung Galaxy SIII as opposed to choosing Apple’s iPhone 5, but all the apple fans, nobody awaiting for iOS 6 standards, those are very disappointed to have iPhone 5 with iOS 6 within their hands. Both mobile phones are fantastic inside their design along with their unique features however, if you are looking at performance, Samsung is ever best compared to Apple, and thats the spot where Samsung Galaxy SIII can be ahead featuring its direct competitor Apple’s iPhone 5.

Visually, it is rather hard to pass the arguments against Apple. IOS 6 is easy, user friendly, simple to use and brimming with fun animations. No other screen touch operating system can be so pleasant and more comfortable to user experience. With the case of Galaxy S3, Samsung is worked hard and present his best to make Android a more comprehensive and good user experience.

Now a days Apple is leading in each of the technology news and making technology products but Samsung just isn’t a long way away from Apple. In all ways, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is often a better phone however, if if he had left Android alone and develop their very own operating system like Apple does. Google’s recent Android os might not exactly just like iOS, however they do have their own existence, as just like firmware samsung galaxy s3 sch i535‘s phone doesn’t have any personality or existence.