Amonax 20kg 30kg Adjustable Weights Dumbbells Set, Strength Training Equipment for Home Gym Fitness, Free Weights Set for Men Dumbell Barbell Gym Weights


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  • [IN THE BOX] – In the 20kg dumbbell set (10kg dumbbell x2) You will receive 4 x 2kg weight plates 4x 1.5kg dumb bells plates 4 x 1.25kg dumbbell weight plates 2 x dumb bells bars 1 x chrome dumbellS barbell connector 4 steel spinlock collars and 1 workout guide. Amonax dumbbell weights set can be great weights set for men and exercise barbell dumbbell set for women.
  • [ANTI-ROLL DESIGN FOR SAFETY] – Experience unmatched stability with Amonax’s Polygon dumbells set. Our unique polygon shape ensures that your free weights stay right where you put them eliminating the risk of tripping or accidents during workouts. This distinctive design guarantees both your safety and a clutter-free exercise environment allowing you to focus solely on your performance.
  • [ROBUST STEEL BUILD WITH PRECISE ENGINEERING] – The Amonax home weights set is designed with precision. As a premium gym dumbbells set for home use integrating spinlock collars 2 handles and a barbell connector each component of this mens dumbbells set is crafted from high-grade steel. Its craftsmanship not only guarantees the longevity of the dumbbells adjustable weights but also ensures a smooth lifting experience emphasizing the set of dumbbells premium structural integrity.
  • [VERSATILE EXERCISES] – Amonax dumbbells set adjustable can easily convert from a hand weights set to a barbell set. This makes Amonax home gym weights perfect for a range of exercises including hammer and bicel curls side and rear raises with shoulder presses or target your legs by adding weights to squats. Amonax adjustable dumbbells 30kg are ideal gym equipment for home.
  • [ENHANCE SAFETY with SPINLOCK COLLARS] Amonax dumbbells set women & men incorporates meticulously crafted spinlock collars. These spinlock collars ensure that weights dumbbells plates are securely locked in place minimizing the risk of accidental slips or loosening even under heavy and intensive training sessions. Their user-friendly design makes attaching and detaching quick and efficient enhancing both safety and convenience during your dumbbels workouts.
  • [ECO-FRIENDLY HEAVY DUMBBELLS SET FOR HOME] – Elevate your fitness regimen with Amonax gym dumbbells meticulously crafted from high-quality natural and sustainable materials. Our dumbbells set men ensures the weights’ resilience against intense heat during outdoor workouts coupled with moisture and sweat resistance. They are built to deliver a distinguished odor-free workout environment.