Cable Pulley System Gym Upgraded Home Strength Training Equipment Workout Accessories LAT Pull Down Fitness for Triceps Pull Down Biceps Curl Back Forearm Shoulder (3 Ropes+3 Handles)


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  • 😉High Quality Material – Made of 2.5M high tensile sheathed ropes to ensure durability and smooth operation. The noiseless rollers are made of special high performance steel to avoid unwanted noise during operation.
  • 😊Multi-grip Mode – removable handle to freely change the desired attachment. Heavy duty triceps cable for triceps push down biceps flexion and multi-row movements. Pull down bar can be used to sharpen the wrist and forearm of the arm with pull up / pull down exercises. Pull down handles: can row one arm high or train pectoral muscles.
  • 😏Multifunctional – By changing the way the buckle is connected to the high strength alloy steel cable you can get two functional movement patterns: Pull-down Pull-up Back Pull and Seated Pull and effectively help you train the entire body muscles such as: Muscle Curl Triceps Pull-down Latissimus dorsi Pull-down Row Fly etc.
  • 😬Easy to Assemble – simply insert the loading pin through the centre hole of the counterweight plate and connect the parts. The straps can be attached anywhere and can be attached to beams pull-up bars crossbars and anywhere else you can attach the straps. Its compact size means it can be carried around the house garage gym park etc.
  • 😋Professional Safe – Set includes: 3 handles + 3 ropes + 2 pulleys + 6 carabiners + loading pin + strap for fitness enthusiasts of all ages.Each accessory of the Taeku Multi-Pulley System is carefully constructed with high quality to withstand strenuous daily exercise. Heavy-duty materials and robust welds keep each component secure and reduce any chance of breakage or slippage.