CAPITAL SPORTS Stringmaster – Rowing Machine, Rowing Machines, Body Sculpture Rowing Machine, Full Body (100 kg Foldable, Space Saving, Training Computer) Anthracite/Blue


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  • Rowing machines for home gym for optimal whole-body muscle training thanks to a large range of functions Space saving storage through foldability Solid: metal frame with a maximum load of 100 kg
  • Display of exercise duration number of rowing strokes and calories burned Versatile rowing machine for home use with possibilities for exercising sitting and standing
  • Low noise and low-maintenance rowing machine for home braking system Gear: low noise polyfoil traction system Variable hand grips
  • Row row row your boat! Whether you are training your arm leg abdomen and back muscles or generally improving your fitness level with the CAPITAL SPORTS Stringmaster rowing machines for home you’re always one step ahead.
  • The CAPITAL SPORTS Stringmaster compact rowing machine can not only be used for rowing. Its cables allow you to perform a variety of sitting or standing exercises helping you train up to 80 percent of your muscles coordination and body posture.