Capital Sports Water Rowing Machine, 13L Rower w/ 8-Level Water Resistance, 80 cm Slide Rail, LCD Training Monitor & Fitness Data, Cardio Machine w/ Ground Rollers, Water Rowing Machines for Home Use


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  • FULL-BODY TRAINING AT HOME: Our rowing machines for homes offer a safe highly efficient full-body training technique that is gentle on the joints. It’s safe approach to fitness mimics being out on a river making this water rower ideal for anyone.
  • REAL WATER RESISTANCE: This water gym machine promises the experience of being out on water from the safety and comfort of your own home. The heart of this rower is its water tank which displaces water as you row faster causing greater resistance.
  • REFILLABLE 13 LITRE TANK: For beginners and experienced rowers our water rowing machines for home gyms offer 8 resistance levels that are marked on its 13L tank; the more water added the greater intensity required and quieter than air-based akin.
  • LCD DISPLAY FOR REAL-TIME FEEDBACK: To monitor your workout this water rowing machine for home use features a minicomputer with an LCD display where you can see your strokes per minute calories burned & overall performance for training feedback.
  • STURDY DESIGN OFFERS GREATER STABILITY: Designed for more stability the frame is made of high quality steel. As a result the waterrower can withstand practically any load and supports athletes up to 2 m in height & 150 kg in weight.