Complete Home Multi Gym GYMFORM, Complete Folding Home Fitness Machine, Strengthen The Whole Body, Over 100 Exercises


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  • 💪 [ REAL SOLUTION ] With Gymform Multi-Gym you can do any exercise virtually that you can do at the gym.
  • 💪 [ MAKE ALL YOUR BODY ACTIVE ] Gymform Multi- Gym is a rower for: strengthening splash performing fast cardiovascular exercises and fat burning chest press machine to sculpt your pectorals. BONUS: No curl machine to inflate those biceps; a tricep extension machine to tone those sagging arms; an ab machine to achieve a perfect six pack.
  • 💪 [ HIGH TECHNOLOGY ] With the Soft Glide Power Slide Bench and Workout Cables Gymform Multi-Gym is designed so you can move from an exercise to the next in seconds by simply changing the angle of your arms or your body position. Literally it can work your entire body in minutes.
  • 💪 [ ADVANCED SYSTEM ] By changing the angle of the rails Gymform Multi-Gym uses your own body weight to increase or decrease resistance. Simply raise the tilt for more resistance and lower it for less resistance making it ideal for beginner intermediate and advanced users.
  • 💪 [ WHAT’S INCLUDED ] 1 Nutritional Guide 1 Complete Workout Guide 1 Instruction Manual 1 Leg Accessory inlcluded. The product comes pre-assembled and is foldable.