Concept 2 Rower Mat for Model D Concept2 Rowing Machine – Anti Slip and High Density – Concept 2 Rowing Machine Fit – Concept 2 Rower Accessories (Concept 2 Model D)


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  • Suitable for Concept 2 Model D. Place the mats under the support points of the rowing machine. The larger mat is for the front and the smaller one for the rear. Perfect addition to your Concept2 Ergo!
  • No slipping. The rowing machine has a firm hold to the floor with this mat. Even during sprint training and fast rowing strokes the ergometer does not slip. Rowing without annoying slipping
  • Floor protection: no more scratches in the floor slipping through the rowing machine back and forth. The mats are made of neoprene which protects the floor and at the same time ensures anti-slip
  • Handy the two mats are suitable for the Concept 2 rowing ergometer and are placed under the support points. The dimensions are precisely tailored for the C2 rowing machine
  • Better training: thanks to the mats the rowing ergometer is firmly fixed no distraction by slipping the rowing machine. More joy when rowing and better training success!