Core Balance 4kg Kettlebell Weight Cast Iron Neoprene Coated Heavy Duty Strength Training (Teal)


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  • 4KG KETTLEBELL WEIGHT: Looking for a kettlebell that’s perfectly balanced and comfortable to lift grip and swing? This 4kg Kettlebell from Core Balance is just the answer. With its cast-iron core and protective neoprene coating it’s custom-made to help you slay your fitness goals. By combining cardio strength and flexibility training it’s perfect for full body workouts.
  • HEAVY-DUTY CAST-IRON CORE: Cast-iron kettlebells are stronger than concrete-filled kettlebells and have smaller handles which are easier to grip. Whereas most cast-iron kettlebells have a welded handle this kettlebell is made from a single piece of metal for superior strength. A powder-coating provides a firm comfy grip if your hands are sweaty.
  • PROTECTIVE NEOPRENE COATING: The kettlebell has a soft neoprene coating so it won’t leave scratches or make a loud noise when placed on the floor. It’s also comfortable to grip if you’re doing exercises that require you to hold it by the bell such as sit ups to press. Both the neoprene bell and cast-iron handle can be easily wiped clean for hygienic use.
  • FLAT BOTTOM FOR STABILITY: Doing circuit training? The kettlebell has a flat base to prevent it wobbling and easily pick it up in-between exercises. The flat base also stops it rolling along the floor so that it’s always within easy reach when you’re working out. Storage is easy because the flat base allows you to stand it upright if you don’t have a kettlebell rack.
  • COLOUR-CODED & LABELLED: The 4kg kettlebell has a teal-coloured neoprene coating and is clearly labelled with its weight to easily identify it from other kettlebells in the Core Balance range. Kettlebells ranging from 4kg to 10kg are perfect for beginners and cardio workouts whereas 12kg to 20kg kettlebells are great for building strength and bulking up.