Dripex Water Rowing Machine for Home Use, Rowier w/LCD Monitor & Large 20L Water Tank, 265 lbs Weight Capacity Water Resistance Row Machine Fit for Home Gym Fitness (Silver)


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  • 🌊 【NATURAL REGULATION OF WATER RESISTANCE】At the heart of the Dripex Water rowing machine is the Water Flywheel unique in its replication of water rowing. Every water tank is pressure tested to ensure long-lasting performance while the multi-bladed impeller delivers a peaceful water rowing experience that’s second to none.
  • 🌊【TRAIN IN COMFORT】Featuring a large padded seat the best-in-class dual aluminum rail system and a large water tank with 16 impeller blades that mimic the natural dynamics of a boat moving through the water Dripex Water Rowing Machine ensures that you stay comfortable throughout each and every workout. Train longer harder and faster to reach your goals sooner. for easy storage when not in use saving more space than an upright design.
  • 🌊 【BUILT TO LAST】With a stainless steel frame the Dripex Water Row Machine is built to last. The main frame and the rail need almost no maintenance and could load 265 Lbs at most. Along with 2 strong stabilizers you won’t feel any wobble while rowing on it. Dripex Rowing Machine ensures quality and durability.
  • 🌊 【EFFECTIVE REAL-TIME FEEDBACK】Dripex Water Row Machine makes tracking your progress easier. The smart LCD monitor allows you to track your rowing performance with real-time statistics. Performance metrics measured include Scan Time Calories Distance Count Total Count and Reset. With height and angle adjustment of the monitor it ensures that each user always has the best possible view while using it.
  • 🌊 【THE ULTIMATE FULL BODY WORKOUT】Unlike air and magnetic resistance rowing machines Dripex Water Resistance Rower has a smooth even stroke resistance that places minimal strain on joints and the lower back. Indoor rowing used 84% of muscle mass every stroke and recruits both the aerobic and anaerobic systems to provide one of the most efficient workouts you can do.