Equipment Home Gym Foldable Rowing Machines Rowing Machine for House Use Foldable 12 Level Adjustable Resistance Double Paddle Hydraulic Row(Exercise Fitness)


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  • Variable resistance: No matter how old you are you can use the rowing machine. easily adjustable resistance make it easy to switch up your workout intensity quickly.
  • Increase muscle and joint activity: rowing is beneficial to patients with arthritis or osteoporosis. When the muscles move in a large amount it can improve the stiffness of the muscles and joints.
  • Strengthen the quadriceps: The quadriceps are the main muscles when rowing(the largest muscle group on the front of the thigh).These muscles are mainly responsible for the movement of the knees but also have the function of bending the hips making your legs stronger. When your quadriceps become stronger your endurance will increase.
  • Good for cardiopulmonary function: When using the rowing machine the heart and lungs are also in motion so it is good for the heart. Rowing can enhance the ability of the lungs to provide oxygen and you can improve your cardiopulmonary ability through short-term intermittent exercise.
  • Can reduce fat: It can balance body fat and net weight. If you are obese rowing is a better exercise because it can burn a lot of fat.