FBITE Stepper,Lateral Side Stepper Machine Incl Resistance Bands And Carpet, Exercise Machine Mini Stepper,Legs Arm Thigh Exerciser Full Body Workout


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  • Built to last:The stepper features a sturdy steel construction to ensure your stepper lasts as long as physically possible.
  • The stepper simulates climbing stairs and protects your joints.The adjustable resistance bandsattached by two small clipshelp you train your entire body in a great and varied way.You can also adjust the stride length by simply loosening the adjustable screw on the front of the machine.
  • Multfunction:The up-down stepper with power ropes and twist function replaces 2 devices.Armsshouldersbiceps and neck are trained with training bands.The swing stepper defines your legsbuttocks and hips.
  • Product features:Loadable up to 130 kgWeight:7 kgDimensions (L x W x H):43 x 40 x 23 cm.After trainingyou can store the stepper to save space.
  • The display on the front of the stepper always shows you the number of steps per minutethe training timethe training stepsthe calorie consumption and the total stepsso that you always have complete control over your training.Wide non-slip treads ensure comfort and safety at the same time.